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Enlightening Thoughts Book Six:
Cosmological Transformation

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This is a collection of modern haiku poetry.
Turn off your analytical mind and
seek to feel with your inner being.
Become present with the words and
experience Cosmological Transformation.

Enlightenment is a verb,
not a noun to be attained.
Enlightenment is a state of
Being Love.
We are all travelling together.
We are all in relationship
within the whole.

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Enlightening Thoughts Book Five:

Being Love

A collection of transformative meditations to open your spiritual heart and guide you toward the experience of Being Love. Enlightening Thoughts about the profound and amazing life and love we share. A whole new existence is awaiting us with feelings of wonderment and joy as we expand our awareness and embrace a new clearer view of our relationships.

Enlightening Thoughts Book Four:

True Love

Enlightening Thoughts Book Three:

Spiritual Love

On site aample:

The Science of Unity: Book 03: Spiritual Love

Enlightening Thoughts Book Two:

Healing Love

On site samples:

The Living Earth: Book 02: Healing Love

the Wise Fool: Book 02: Healing Love

Gaia Avatara: Book 02: Healing Love

Enlightening Thoughts Book One:
Knowledge of Love

Knowledge of Love

Enlightening Thoughts: Book One
205 pages from Fall of 1971
until the Summer of 1986
FREE: Online...

Knowledge of Love - Free online

If you want it for Kindle or in print:

Knowledge of Love

Spiritual and Scientific Research Pages
for contemplation, deep thought, and inspiration.

Past Life Regression

Mantra Meditation

A Seers view of the Triune Chakras

Spirit Quotes of Unity

Celtic Community Concepts

Scriptures of India

Modern Spirituality from India

Branches of Mentoring: Roots of Elders

Qi Gong

The primordial art form
of Balance, breath, and Life.

Qi Gong 01 Introduction
Qi Gong 02 History
Qi Gong 03 Basic Sayings
Qi Gong 04 Breath
Qi Gong 05 Concepts
Qi Gong 06 Healing Sounds

Ancestral Memory Research Pages
A cooperative inquiry into Ancestral Memory.
Does our consciousness leave impressions
in the subtle matrix of reality?
Do objects inherit an energy
from their long time owners?
Not to wonder how this is possible,
but rather to explore what people feel.

Experiment 01 Overview: Cooperative Inquiry
Experiment 01 Overview: Impressions left in objects
Experiment 01 Session 01: Tibetan Bracelet
Experiment 01 Session 02: My Grandmother's Rosary
Experiment 01 Session 03: Baby Spoon
Experiment 01 Session 04: Five Arrowheads
Experiment 01: Session 05: Great Grandmother's Crèche
Experiment 01: Reflections 01
Group Session 01: 10-May-2007 - Sharing the process
Group Session 02: 30-Nov-2007 - Sharing the process
Group Session 03: 28-Jul-2008 - Sharing the process
Reflections 02: 22-Sept-2008 - Vast Implications
Group Session 04: 24-Sept-2008 - Sharing the process
Group Session 05: 24-Nov-2008 - Group Practice
Experiment 02: 24-Dec-2008 - Meditation on BI Stone
Group Session 06: 01-Jan-2009 - Group Practice
Group Session 07: 02-Feb-2009 - Group Practice

Short Stories

Tale of the Undead


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